Friday, May 24, 2002

State Senate Chicanery?

The Associated Press is running accusations by Michigan Democrats that the GOP is planting "false candidates" in eight state senate races so that incumbent Democrats will be forced to spend time and money on a primary challenge. This would seem to be a reckless strategy, since it would probably involve several state officials committing perjury and could be easily discovered if true. The Democrats are pursuing their complaint, though, with state party chair Mark Brewer alleging: "This outrageous misconduct is reminiscent of Richard Nixon's dirty tricks during the Watergate scandal. Unfortunately, the spirit of the Richard Nixon is alive and well in the Michigan GOP." Chairman Brewer I think showed admirable restraint by using Nixon's name only twice in two sentences. Assumably his apology will be as contrite as his accusations were severe if he's proved wrong. I can hardly wait to see which side ends up having to explain how "mistakes were made."


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