Thursday, May 30, 2002

Counter-Revolutionaries for Capitalism

Tuesday's mock trial of ExxonMobil by environmental activists for "crimes against humanity" has produced an amusing denouement. After finding the oil giant guilty of numerous atrocities around the world, the gathering of anti-globalists, anarchists, and socialists set to work disrupting the annual ExxonMobil shareholders' meeting in Dallas. They were greeted with an impressive opposing force, however - and it wasn't hired corporate security. Members of the Texas chapter of non-profit organization Citizens for a Sound Economy showed up with their own signs and chants, along the lines of "Yankee Rent a Mob Go Home," "Capitalism Rocks" and "Greenpeace Hates America." They managed to scare off the seasoned street-theater veterans of the Left, who vacated the area with a determined chant of "Gone for now, but never forever." I can hardly wait until the two forces meet again.


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