Wednesday, May 29, 2002

How Evil Can One Company Be?

Pretty evil, according to a collection of activists gathered at the University of Texas at Dallas this week. In an unsurprising verdict, they've found ExxonMobil guilty, in mock-trail, of "crimes against humanity." The charges seem to consist mostly of not remedying human rights abuses by governments of countries where they do business and disputing the state of the climate change science. Lest any observers miss the gravity of these crimes, mock-prosecutor David Keith Cobb made the relevant analogy: "Just as the Nazi party had to take over the democratically elected government in Germany to achieve its goals, so too did ExxonMobil take over aspects of our democratically elected government to achieve its ends." It's good to see the old "my opponent is a Nazi" strategy isn't dead. It makes baseless argument so much easier to identify.


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