Wednesday, May 22, 2002

The red's are coming.

Czech Republic still has a communist party. In fact, they're the third largest of all the parties and incredibly, they seem to be gaining momentum. This is because, as a totally unrealistic system, they can make just about any claim they want. For instance, they plan to completely eliminate unemployment in the country by creating 300,000 new government jobs (doing what I can't imagine). They will double funding for science and technology. They will give tax breaks to businesses who create jobs in the high-tech industry while at the same time lowering indirect consumption taxes. They will subsidize the building of 30,000 new flats. Apparently pensioners, blue collar workers and farm labor types just eat this stuff up. And why shouldn't they? The Government can make any dream a reality with the stroke of a legislative pen.

That's what America's politics are missing. That dream of what big government can do.

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