Thursday, May 09, 2002

Man is Also an Animal

In a disorienting twist, it seems that the man who murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn might have a had a narrower agenda than anyone suspected. Fortuyn, an anti-immigrant conservative whose popularity alarmed the usual claque of tired socialists around European politics, was gunned down in broad daylight Monday after a radio interview. The man Dutch police now have in custody, Volkert van der Graaf, is described by Agence France Presse as an animal rights activist and a member of a group suspected of murdering another Dutch government official. The suspected reason for the attack? Fortuyn's position against a ban on fur farming in the Netherlands. Not the broad reach of all of his party's many policies; just fur. The most disappointing part is how unsurprising it is. In fact, I've always wondered when animal rights activists would trade up from spray painting mink coats and start shooting people. It's a wonder it took this long.


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