Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sixteen Is a Beautiful Number

The Patriots have their perfect season, just as we all knew they would. The boys came from behind and played a full force second half to win 38-35. Best of all, the '72 Dolphins are even being nice about it:

Don Shula, says "going undefeated during the regular season is a remarkable achievement."

Shula says the Pats "have done a great job concentrating on each week's opponent and not letting any other distractions interrupt that focus. If they go on to complete an undefeated season, I will be the first to congratulate Coach Belichick and the Patriot organization."

Shula was the most prominent of several members of the 72 Dolphins who saluted the perfect Patriots on Saturday.

Miami quarterback Bob Griese issued a statement to congratulate New England on "going undefeated during the regular season" and compliment Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for one of the "greatest seasons ever by an NFL quarterback."

"I hope he [Brady] continues to play at such a high level in the playoffs, and if he does it will be very difficult to beat them the rest of the way," Shula said.

Tom Brady, my scruffy hero

Hello, post-season and Super Bowl XLII.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deadly Overcaution at the FDA

Prof. Scammington is back on YouTube with a cautionary tale of how the Food and Drug Administration stands in the way of lifesaving drugs getting to the people who need them most.

Grounding the Jets

God's plan for the perfect season unfolded elegantly again this afternoon, as the Patriots put New York gently to sleep with a 20-10 win. Nothing too remarkable about the game, except that it was surprisingly low scoring for New England. The one strange thing that happened was that I suddenly had an intense desire to start wearing Stetson cologne. Weird.

On the other side of the ledger, the Dolphins, famed for their own 1972 perfection, finally ended their pefectly winless season with an amazing 64-yard touchdown pass against the Ravens in overtime. Wayne Huizenga actually cried.

RECORD: Green Bay's elder statesman Brett Favre broke Dan Marino's record of 61,361 passing yards today. Everyone give grandpa Favre a hand!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Juggernaut Rolls On

The financial news gurus at Bloomberg took an unfortunate venture into NFL prognostication earlier with a story entitled "Steelers May Join 1985 Dolphins as Spoilers by Beating Patriots." They were, of course, sorely misguided, as the Patriots just smacked down the Steelers in Foxborough with a score of 34-13. It's on to the Jets (3-10) on the 13th.

Tom Brady, get off of my TV screen and into my dreams.