Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wages of Gmail

Earlier today I received the following email message:

"I am woman. I have a blonde hair with golden shining. My eyes is black. I am not high. I have beautiful skin. My hair is long straight. I live in a big city. I work in education. I like to watch horror films. Representations in the performance pop stars on stage. I like animals. I like desert. If you talk about me I am beautiful cat. Most of all in men I value honesty. When I you noticed on the street. I right realized that must. Because I can be for you a excellent friend if you want. I'm hope that you answer me on my e-mail."

Unfortunately I'll have to pass, but if any of you blog readers is looking for a non-high woman with a pro-desert, anti-dishonesty agenda and golden shining blonde hair, just send me a message and I'll pass on her email address. Something tells me she may even know where to get cheap V1@gra online without a prescription. Friendship - maybe more!