Saturday, March 23, 2002

Is Jonah Goldberg reading this blog?

In my post about the coming of security cameras to The Mall and its monuments [3/22/02, 9:29am], I provided a listing of likely locations: "Cameras around the Washington Monument, along the Reflecting Pool, hiding in Lincoln's nostril, tucked into the hem of Jefferson's coat." Now I find myself reading Jonah Goldberg's mention of the same development in his National Review Online column on the misuse of the idea of Big Brother: "The suggestion that, say, cameras in traffic lights or on the Mall in Washington are a 'return' to, or even just the first arrival of, Big Brother is something of a slander. You can be for or against cameras on highways, or up Lincoln's nose at his memorial — I really don't care much about the issue." [3/22/02, 4:30pm]

Hmm. Could it be that he picked up the image from my post?

Of course not. But I like Jonah's column, so it's worth pretending.

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