Monday, March 25, 2002

At Least it Wasn't Anthrax

I must sat that I'm shocked - shocked! - to read that Marion Barry is back on the blow. After the set-up in that motel room those 12 long years ago, I though he was clean for good. After all, when he announced that he would be running for a seat on the D.C. City Council a couple weeks back, he remarked on how great it is these days, waking up in the morning clean and sober. Yes, that must be nice. Former Mayor Barry is not the only high-profile personality having drug problems, though. It seems the Jesus was arrested for possession of 16 bags of crack in Seymour, Connecticut last week. He was kind enough to tell the arresting officers that for their good deed in arresting him, they had earned salvation. And I though all people had to do was accept Him into their hearts.

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