Thursday, March 21, 2002

And thus it starts. Prof. Scammington's Faculty Lounge is open for business, invitations to be sent directly. If you see something in the world of news, politics, or crude internet humor that causes you to form a vague, uninformed opinion, this is the place for it.

And now, from the world of tricked-out pick-ups, something we all knew was coming. We are all fans, of course, of the No Fear decals and Calvin Pissing stickers that frequently adorn the back windows of red-blooded rednecks the nation over. Chevy fans have Calvin pissing on a Ford logo, Windows lovers have him micturating on a distinctly unhappy looking Linux penguin. It seems that the festive variant of Calvin Flipping the Bird *and* Pissing on something has caused local law enforcement ire in Florida. Did someone say ACLU court challenge? Naturally.

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