Sunday, September 01, 2002

Propaganda. The Anti-Drug.

The claim that profits from the sale of illegal drugs in the U.S. is funding Islamic terrorism post-9/11 has struck me as little more than a dishonest PR windfall for federal drug warriors, as showcased in the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s television ads launched earlier in the year. The feds are no doubt wagging their fingers we-told-you-so style today, however, as the DEA has allegedly discovered a meth operation operating in Chicago and Detroit that was funneling profits to Hezbollah. It should be remembered as Asa Hutchinson has his day in the sun, though, that this was the first time the DEA has found any evidence of a connection between U.S. drug sales and any Middle East terror organization – several months after the government’s TV ads began presenting the link as an indisputable fact.


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