Saturday, September 07, 2002

Next up, an Article on the Swing Revival and Cigar Bars

As usual, the national news weeklies can be counted on never to be more than 18 months behind in reporting on a new trend. In this case, Newsweek’s version of the blog-trend story is surprisingly restrained, with only a mild whiff of official-journalist condescension: “…thoughts and experiences that range from the somewhat profound to the stultifyingly banal.” As if the same couldn’t be said of Newsweek feature stories. The story goes on, like most do, to cite A. Sullivan, Mickey K., and Jim Romenesko. The authors also go on to quote Rebecca Blood, however, a decision I question, especially after reading Siduri’s Pigdog Journal review of Ms. Blood’s The Weblog Handbook. Treacly and inane, indeed.


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