Friday, September 06, 2002

Penny for Your Thoughts, Millions for Your Grief

A new report on the United Way’s September 11 Fund is being issued today, detailing where the $336,000,000 that has been spent so far has gone. Despite early criticism leveled at some of the private charities, especially the Red Cross, the non-profits seem to have done an honorable job of getting help to people who have suffered. Also out this week is a Fortune magazine story on Ken Feinberg, the director of the federal government’s September 11 fund. Congress offered the families of victims federal money in exchange for not suing and bankrupting American and United airlines, and now it’s Mr. Feinberg’s job to see who gets what money. Announced payouts have so far averaged $1.36 million, which has angered some previous terrorism victims, such as survivors of those who died in the Oklahoma City bombing, who did not receive any federal compensation for their losses.


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