Friday, April 05, 2002

A Week to Remember

First Alex Beam's Boston Globe article trashes the blog concept and now it gets fawning praise from Norah Vincent in the Los Angeles Times. She sees political blogs as part of a right wing counterrevolution, assumably in league with talk radio and Fox News (which of course has its own weblog feature on Perhaps that's so. As many, many writers have pointed out, most political blogs seem to come from a conservative or libertarian point of view.

It's interesting, though, that she rips into "the self-important New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and their toady satellites, much of whose reporting has become hardly less biased than the bloggers'" in a piece published in the Los Angeles Times op-ed page. That fact that her piece was published in a large newspaper would seem to be at least a partial rebuttal to her thesis that the elite media is threatened by the popularity of blogs.

Virginia Postrel also posted an especially good and critical dissection of Vincent's column at The Scene.

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