Sunday, April 14, 2002

Betting Against the Slavery Jackpot

More on the folly of the reparations movement by NPR's Juan Williams:

"There is nothing wrong with a fantasy about every black person getting a check for all that black people have gone through. But too much time spent in fantasy land is wasted time. If this reparations movement goes on much longer, history will view it as self-indulgent hysteria by people intoxicated by their rising power. The passion that currently goes for reparations would better be spent in other areas, such as confronting teachers unions, civil-rights leaders and everyone else involved in our failure to educate minority kids.

"Reparations are a dangerous, even evil, idea because they contradict the moral authority of black America's claim to equal rights. Pushing them through would only hurt race relations by encouraging negative stereotypes about blacks at a time when the nation is more diverse and the need for interracial understanding is at its greatest."

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