Monday, April 15, 2002

The Palestinian Authority's Double Agent

After September 11th, many Americans wondered how the U.S. intelligence community could have failed the nation so dramatically. Some security experts pointed out that the CIA and other agencies lack agents fluent in Middle Eastern languages and familiar enough with the culture to operate undercover. Now it seems the the situation is worse than that. According to William Safire, Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet was personally played by a Palestinian Authority official named Jabril Rajoub who claimed to be providing counter-terrorism information to the CIA. It has now been shown that he was part of the Palestinians' suicide bombing campaign and used his influence with Tenet to point U.S. intelligence agents in the wrong direction. What has the U.S. intelligence community come to when a terrorist is planning suicide attacks against civilians one minute and has the eager ear of the DCI the next?

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