Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm a Better Poet Than Elizabeth Alexander

This is the reason no one likes contemporary poetry (see above)

So that inaugural poem on Tuesday was pretty shitty, right? Of course it was. Don't worry, though, I've taken the phrases from the original and re-arranged them to form an awesome asskicking version. If God and Thomas Jefferson had a son and he became President someday, he just might be good enough to have this poem read at his inauguration.

Praise Song for the Spiny Sparkle

Each day we go about our business, catching each one of our ancestors on our tongues.

Someone is stitching up a hole in a uniform. Someone is trying to Love thy neighbor somewhere with a pair of pencils.

Sing the names of the teacher who brought us her son in need of repair.

All about us is Love to keep clean and work inside of. We encounter each other and A farmer says, “Take out your wooden thorn. Begin.”

Someone spoons on an oil drum. On the brink. struggle it out at kitchen tables. Do thy self marital.

"I need dirt on the other side.” many have laid the train tracks into which we cannot see.

Need noise, love, harm and the will of others. on the brim, on the cusp more than you need.

repairing the things with cello, boom box, harmonica.



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