Sunday, January 13, 2008

Destiny Awaits

The Patriots have entered the post-season, and all doubts about them going all the way should now be set aside. They played a strong game against the Jaguars and came out on top, 31-20, to advance to 17-0-0.

The best play of the game came, of course, from my boy Tom Brady, who knows how to fake out the defense like nobody's business. Let's let Judy Battista of the New York Times explain:

When the Patriots got near the goal line, they opted for subterfuge. With Faulk lined up in the backfield, the Patriots faked a direct snap to him. Instead, the ball was in Brady’s hand. Evoking the Statue of Liberty play, he turned his back to the defense, keeping the ball hidden on his hip. By the time he spun around, Welker was so open in the back of the end zone that he was waving as if for a fair catch. The touchdown pass gave the Patriots a 21-14 lead and made the rest of the game seem inevitable.

“I’m looking for my Academy Award on that play,” Brady said.

You've got my vote. You can put in on the shelf next to your Super Bowl XLII ring.


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