Sunday, December 10, 2006

Santarchy Rules DC

Yesterday was Santarchy in DC, and all of us Santas has a most excellent time. We handed out candy canes, sang Christmas carols, told ribald holiday jokes and generally rocked it North Pole style. Oh, and there was some festive libation consumption as well.

Here's me preparing myself in the men's room. Note the white beard paint, laboriously applied:

And here's me exhausted, intoxicated, and with the white washed out of my beard. After a long night, it's good to be home.

The rest of the photos can be found here for the camcorder shots, here for Treo shots, and here for the those taken by my friend Jason. Merry Everybody!

And then there was this shot, taken by guest photographer flickr-rickr:

Girl Santa on Girl Santa action - sure to ignite a few holiday fantasy parties around the region. Straight men, lipstick lesbians and red velvet fetishists rejoice!


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