Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Most Popular Unpopular Movie of All Time

The debate over whether anyone actually wants to see Al Gore's end-of-world scareumentary has wandered over to Wyoming territory, with comparisons to Brokeback Mountain.

Many a conservative reviewer complained at the time about all of the Brokeback hoopla, saying that it was an example of Hollywood people being fatally out of touch with mainstream America. Sure all the reviewers like it, but no one's actually going to go see it. A few people in New York and San Francisco will buy tickets, but it'll be a flop with the American public, went the argument.

Cue the Box Office Mojo numbers: Brokeback was made for $14 million. It has since made approximately $178,043,761. Hmmm...those handful of people must have seen it several thousand times each.


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