Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Free Speech in Farragut Square

The usual parade of activists, strivers and malcontents that regularly inhabit the corner of 17th and K Streets were joined this afternoon by Falun Gong pamphleteers and, in an intersting twist, costumed re-enactors pantomiming an organ harvesting by the Chinese government:

They seem to have plentiful funds for printing and demonstrating, which helps them makes them a pretty persuasive case. Lucky for them they aren't trying to persuade anyone to vote for or against a candidate for public office in the United States.

UPDATE: Drudge links to a story claiming that President Hu Jintao tried to convince President Bush to endorse the Chinese government's label of the Falun Gong as "an evil cult" which should be banned. I can't imagine how he could think he would get a sitting American president to single out a particular religious sect for government scorn, oppression and violence. Unthinkable.


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