Wednesday, July 23, 2003

A Head-Tapping Problem

Despite nearly every news outlet in the world producing obituaries of Uday and Qusay Hussein, relatively little new is being said about their lives. We’ve heard that Uday was a lusty fiend and violator of female Iraqi virtue, and that Qusay won his stripes by murdering hundreds of thousands of southern Shi’ites in 1991. But the depths of Uday’s depravity can still yield a few fresh details if you find the right article, as in this excerpt from the Evening Standard:

“Twice Uday, 39, turned up at wedding parties and raped the bride-to-be as her and the bridegroom's families were held at gunpoint, listening. At the second such occasion, in 1998, the groom shot himself.


“Uday's behaviour shocked even his father, who was often asked by members of Baghdad's ruling elite to try to rein in his eldest son. However Saddam would just tap his head with a finger to indicate the ‘craziness’ of his son.”

Raping another man’s bride on the alter. Only an especially creative psychotic predator could have come up with that one.


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