Saturday, January 04, 2003

And Forget About Those Accident Victims on the Florida Highway

In case anyone wasn't aware, the PETA publicity machine is tenacious and inventive. They manage to be able to hang their message on almost any famous personality or news event, whether it’s Rudi Guliani’s prostate cancer diagnosis or the Trent Lott racism scandal. Now they’re joining the group of people examining Sen. Bill Frist’s professional record, asking him to formally apologize for medical experiments he did on cats while in medical school. It turns out that then-med student Frist decided the number of animals he was provided with through school weren’t sufficient in order for him to get enough surgical practice, so he went to animal shelters to “adopt” some abandoned felines which he then operated on. There were no survivors. The expertise Frist gained in part from those animal experiments has, of course, enabled him to save the lives of many otherwise terminally ill patients during his years as a transplant surgeon. But for PETA, as always, the price of a handful of unwanted cats was too high.


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