Tuesday, July 09, 2002

A Spoilt Special Relationship?

Dateline: York, England. After spending a month in the United Kingdom, I really wonder how special the "Special Relationship" is between among the peoples of the UK. I have found the British people to be particularly unsympathetic to America. Out in the country or in the city, the milk of human kindness seems to sour once my American accent has passed my lips. For the Fourth of July the Daily Mirror ran a front page calling America the biggest "Rouge Nation" in the world. Commentators on the BBC seem bent on challenging the use of standing together with the Americans with politicians. I must distinguished the British politicians from the people at large: I watched Tony Blair give a rather bracing defense of American policies and the "Special Relationship" he steadfastly sustains. Perhaps Britian's loss of empire and resulting loss of world prestige has made them bitter or uncomfortable with a power that is not wholly directed from London. I'm not sure, but it is clear that Britain has soured on America. However well our governments may function together along official channels, it is disappointing that the feeling isn't mutual between the English speaking peoples.

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