Friday, April 05, 2002

Robert Ebert is a Big Fat Idiot

How do you write a movie review that expresses your own personal political commentary and rambling estimation of an author, while rendering virtually no judgement on the particular qualities of the movie? Ask Roger Ebert. I haven't even seen this movie, but I'm sick of Ebert. His reviews are awful. For a long time I haven't trusted his judgement on movies, but now his reviews are unreadable. The writing is banal, his criticisms picayune, and his praise is always overwrought and misplaced. If at least he could present it with panache and make his reviews interesting for movie lovers or film buffs, I would give him a pass on his final judgements. But, as a reviewer of entertainment, you have to at least be entertaining yourself. I have no idea how many movie reviewers there are in America, but even if there were only ten, why would we continually look to this man for his opinion? Force of habit is all I can think of.

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