Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Good Morning Haifa

If the "Bush Doctrine" means anything, it means eliminating terrorists and terrorist activity where ever it may exist, at home and abroad. Tens and soon maybe hundreds of Israeli citizens are dying due to terrorist suicide bombers. The Israeli government has chosen to combat this threat to the life and welfare of their citizens by eliminating the terrorists and terrorist networks responsible. How is this different than the justification for the United States' entry into Afghanistan? Why is Bush, at the very moment of opportunity to show the Arab world he means what he says about the war on terrorism, treating Israel as an aggressor and not the aggrieved? Bush is reinforcing the old diplomatic ways of a wink and a nod to the Arab world's secretive support of extremists in exchange for normal relations. Continuing to treat Arafat and his gang of murderers as the moral equivalent of Israel is wrongheaded and will prove fatal to prosecuting this war on terrorism. We should stop asking the Arab world to stand up to Arafat, and take a stand against him ourselves, either rhetorically or in action, based on the principles of the Bush Doctrine. If anything is true about Arab politics, you must puff and strut and scream and threaten regardless of your intentions to back up your rhetoric, to be respected or taken seriously. If they haven't already, the Arab world will soon lose any fear they may have had of Bush and his war on terrorism.

And regarding Powell's mission, Kristol and Kagan hit the nail on the head with this one.

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