Sunday, April 14, 2002

The commentary on President Bush's political agenda and general intellect lead me to some general non-referenced musings. First off, kudos to the Good Morning Haifa post. But our nation is indeed hypocritical. We all stand in gaping shock that the revered Colin Powell, the political equal of Air Jordan, has somehow managed to stand around in Israel and Palestine watching things deteriorate further-- with only futile paperwork and postponed meetings to show for it. Why do we think that the American government is infallible? Why does America stand and nod for George Bush when we look at the following:

1. We are one of if not the most technologically advanced nations in the country. We can watch people walk down the street and listen to their conversations from space satellites yet we missed the complex and lengthy planning sessions of terrorists leading up to the September 11th attacks. And we still don't know where Waldo, oops I mean Osama Bin Laden, is hiding. (And he is about as hard to find I am sure. Perhaps we should send the kindergartners since they are already raising money for the "war" on terrorism.)

2. We are the same disorganized menagerie that granted US visas to two of the September 11th terrorists. Then claim to have no idea why and fire the incompetent people who were responsible. Why were they ever hired in the first place? Yes indeed the government needs an overhaul but I am unsure if Bush has the political forethought or afterthought for that matter to lead such an effort.

3. As previously stated, we (America) are the only ones who can fight the war on terrorism. Everyone else needs to back up and be nice so we Americans can have our gasoline for our SUVs and snowmobiles. Amen.

4. And did anyone else see Laura Bush on Jay Leno a couple of months ago? She relayed that the night of September 11th, she and the president were VERY tired. The darn secret service agents got them, and the dogs, out of bed however, because there was an unidentified plane in the area. They had to go all the way downstairs where the secret service agents pulled out another bed so they could finally get some rest. (After all, why pull an all-nighter when everyone is already dead.) But the liberal media somehow never got ahold of that interview.

5. Whatever happened to Enron? And Dick Cheney? And the economy? Osama? Waldo? All that I see in the Billings Gazette is about our own ridiculous governor, Judy Martz, and her escapades. And Colin Powell...

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